By now certain words are associated with evil, while in reality, being a contagious person is a great value. The great leaders of history have shown us that by arguing one's convictions with charisma and determination, one can decide for our future. Logically there have been leaders who with their potential could have done good instead of harm. Do you know that each of us, in our circle of acquaintances can infect with our own ideals? If you feel you are a drop in a sea of ​​events you don't like, become part of the change, because many small drops like us can create an ocean that protects what we love most, our future in a healthy planet. Now it's up to you not to shrug, always blame the system and pretend that everything is fine. Help restore the right balance between man and the environment. Be a coherent person, capable of giving up, of imposing your own no, pleasant, convincing, full of love not only for yourself, be supportive, persuasive and proactive, because SHARING good ideals is not an ugly contagious beast! What do you think about it? do you want to be part of the change?





Know that I am not exaggerating. The shooting stars and the Milky Way that can be seen in Sant'Egle are truly unique! As a citizen that I am, when I thought about the lighting of the farmhouse, I wanted it not to create light pollution, because I wanted to see the stars, every night of the year. The lights directed upwards, especially those of the city, you know, create a sort of luminous dome and the sky, at night, is orange. A natural spectacle, free and full of stories to tell, should be a World Heritage Site and therefore protected and protected. I'll wait for you until October 2nd (then we close for holidays) at Sant'Egle, in your room you will find a blanket, to go to the garden in the evening, nose up, to express your wishes. What are you waiting for? book the last rooms available here!



Did you know that rosemary is your mane's best friend? This plant has many interesting properties, among which it stimulates hair growth, counteracts hair loss and loss of density and gives benefits even when stress occurs in the form of dermatitis. This is because, in a completely natural way, it increases capillary spraying and therefore better nourishment to the bulbs, purifies the hair and rebalances the production of sebum in the case of oily scalp. Use our organic shampoo based on extra virgin olive oil which, thanks to the oil, has the same PH as the skin and then, as a final rinse, on clean hair, put 2 liters of warm water with 5 drops of rosemary essential oil bio di Sant'Egle and dry your hair as you always do. What are you waiting for, this week 20 packs are on offer with a 34% discount! Order here!


SUSTAINABILITY EDUCATION AT SANT'EGLE I'll wait for you at Sant'Egle for a tour of our sustainable project which has won many Italian and international awards. We have become a case study for countries such as Japan, South Korea, England, the United States and last but not least for our Italy. If you want to change your lifestyle, on this tour, I'll explain how to do it, with simple daily habits. Because I am convinced that big changes are made with small gestures. The proceeds from the tours are entirely destined for the purchase of forests threatened by felling, to protect the biodiversity that would be lost with the felling of trees and with the planting of new trees where the forest has already been cut, so that the animals and the entire food chain, return to inhabit it, repopulating biodiversity. Book your tour during your holiday in Sant'Egle!



You're back in town and it's hot? Here's a nice pampering for your body to do before going to bed, nice and fresh! To keep your skin soft and hydrated, our organic body cream is made with our organic extra virgin olive oil. Evo oil has the PH of your skin and for this reason, it hydrates deeply, without leaving the unpleasant feeling of grease. For each press of the dispenser, add a drop of organic Peppermint essential oil. You will feel an explosion of freshness and well-being because in addition to the freshness you will feel an immediate sense of mental and physical relaxation from the stress of the day.

What are you waiting for? There are 20 organic body creams + 20 organic mint essential oils with a 25% discount!



Although I have parents who have a splendid North African complexion , I am a mozzarella full of freckles. I have to avoid the sun with long dresses and a hat and as you will understand, country life is not exactly easy on my tan. I do not deny that the sun 'takes' me anyway and therefore, at the end of August, I see myself 'tanned' even if everyone asks me why I am so white... in practice I have nothing to do with this beautiful daughter ​in the photo ​,​ but I 'm satisfied ​! 'Egle. A natural remedy that an elderly friend of Grandma E taught me. After the shower, on damp skin, I put calendula oil , wait a moment and then dab with a towel. You'll see, as well as deeply hydrating your skin , the tan will stand out that you'll be able to show off for a few more weeks, despite you're at work.

What are you waiting for? I put 30 packs of organic calendula oil for topical use, on offer with a 34% discount! Order now here!



No need to hide behind a finger. Me first, when I'm on vacation, I break, I forget and let's face it all I don't care, about all the good intentions of the year and for this I say YES with great enthusiasm to any aperitif, extra glass of prosecco, chips, fried and I taste every typical local food like there's no tomorrow. When I hesitate for a moment, Alessandro immediately convinces me by telling me that one could die tomorrow! Seriously, our poor liver, I'm sure it will appreciate a little return to good habits and a little help with a detox, can only speed up the situation.
Sant'Egle's organic Spirulina is also used for this. In fact, it absorbs all the heavy metals present in the body and will help you, with a diet of bitter seasonal fruit and vegetables, to come back as fresh as a rose, ready for a spritz (just kidding!... even not!)

IMPORTANT! We continue to leave spirulina at a discount, we still don't know how long because the utilities (as you know) have literally doubled but for now we are holding on, we want everyone, absolutely everyone, to have access to this precious SUPER FOOD! What are you waiting for, stock up, the lot we are shipping now was collected in July!


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