The meaning of the epiphany

Il significato dell'epifania
The current Christian holidays were originally Pagan,
all related to Mother Earth.
The Epiphany has its origins in the propitiatory rites of fertility since the tenth century BC
It was believed that 12 nights after Sol Invictus (now Christmas),
the Nymphs flew over the fields, blessing the harvest.
The Nymphs were wonderful entities associated with the Goddess Diana, divinity not only of hunting, but also of the Lunar Cycles linked to crops.
Today I tell you this, so that the historical memory is not lost but also to enhance the importance of us women who today will receive that 'nice' wish of 'Buona Befana' without those who wish us being aware that they are wishing a splendid Ninfa, to fly and take care of the next harvest 2021
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