Psycho-Physical Wellness is only in Sant'Egle

Il Benessere Psico Fisico è solo a Sant'Egle
From 1 June we have re-opened the doors of Sant'Egle and we are waiting for you for a Green holiday with an innovative project dedicated to psycho-physical well-being.
The floating tub with the perfect and welcoming shape of an egg is as comfortable as a mother's womb.
Inside the tub, a warm, silky fluid supports the body, as in the absence of gravity, thanks to the high concentration of Epsom's bitter salts.
The temperature of the water is that of the body, 36.5° and the sensation of floating in the air means that sensory stimuli (visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic) are deactivated and the body goes into an instinctive deep relaxation. This state leads to freeing the mind, gradually passing from alpha waves (initial state of relaxation), to theta waves (REM sleep waves), to delta waves (deep sleep waves usually reachable after many hours of meditation).

In the absence of external stimuli, the mind is freed from all the fixities to which it is constantly subjected. The brain will no longer have any occupation, any stimulus to think about and will enter an altered state of consciousness.
Dr. John Lilly, in the '50s, invented this therapy because he understood that the brain uses 85% of its potential to manage external stimuli such as gravity, temperature, touch, light, sounds.
The deprivation of sensory stimuli causes the brain to modify its bioelectrical activity, which is why the Floating experience completely refreshes the mind and amplifies the enormous latent possibilities of the brain.
Come visit!
you will see where all the BIO products of Sant'Egle are born!
Choose one of our suites , live the Glamping experience or take the entire farmhouse exclusively with your friends or family.
Since 2010, Sant'egle has been a visionary off-grid project, dedicated to those who want a positive change in the world. We have the power to make our choices right, even when choosing where to spend our free time. This is a place where holidays have zero impact on the environment and meet the values ​​of sustainable growth.
Our organic eco luxury resort has the lowest levels of environmental impact and the daily commitment to comply with all ethical practices goes beyond the many awards won and institutional certifications.
We are waiting for you, our Bio_Shop is open every morning!
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