My Grandmother always said :_ You never own a cat. If anything, one is admitted to his life, which is certainly a privilege.
Personally I have chosen to live with dogs, but I don't know how, I have always found two cats at home too. They arrived in an overbearing way, they and I chose me, I never questioned their decision.
Today I would like to honor and thank all the cats in my life, without whom I would not have learned to wait, to contemplate. I would never have learned the art of detachment from things and the elegance of not making noise.
I believe that no one would ever want to see their cat not feeling well and that's why today, Greta, the Naturopath of Sant'Egle, gives us a natural remedy, in case your cat is surprised by a sudden drop in vitality and appetite .
Here is the story of his Maöu
My 10 year old cat has gradually become sick. He ate less and less and was still. Then he started not being able to stand up and not touch food anymore. With the vet we couldn't figure out what the problem was (she had no fever, infections and blood tests were perfect). The vet proposed vitamin therapy to cheer her up. I took the cat home and started grooming her.
The therapy was based on:
  • 1.2 spirulina capsules per day which contain vitamins, essential amino acids, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and tonic.
  • I added a 1 drop of thyme essential oil, antibiotic and anti viral in a little water.
  • I opened 1 Vitamin C capsule made with Rosehip
I mixed it all with water, put it in the mush and force her to eat.
Within 2 days she started to have more energy, she was able to eat on her own and in less than a week she was more energetic than before


Have you ever tried to give €5 as a gift?

Years ago, I took an enlightening course on the conscious and serene management of money that opened my mind from beliefs, mental patterns and social and cultural conditioning.

During this course, we were asked to go on the street to give away 3 €5 notes and ask for 3 €5 notes.

I thought it was easy to give and difficult to ask.

And instead I was surprised by the opposite.

On the occasion of this day where you can give your time, a smile, an envelope with groceries or money, you will realize how many people are willing to give, but (initially) wary of receiving.

Do you want to be part of the change? Leave the house and make a causal gesture of generosity and let yourself be surprised by the result

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