Oleolito of bio lavender, cosmetic

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Oleolito of bio lavender, cosmetic

€10,00 €15,00 -34% OFF
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L'Lavender oleolito, not to be confused with Essential oil, it is a natural product that is obtained from maceration in plant oil of lavender flowery tops.

The plant releases its precious nutrients and its most valuable substances in the greasy oil.

The final result is an oil to cosmetic use Extraordinarily useful and versatile, which can be used to be pure, as a base for obtaining creams, soaps and other cosmetics products.

For example it can be very useful to breathe the skin in case of dermatitis, eczema, or other skin irritation. It is perfect for the care of fat skins or suffering from blacks, acne, or blackheads. It can be used as massage oil to soothe muscle pain due to contractures or as a natural remedy for otitis.

Property and uses

Lavender's oleolito enjoys antiseptic properties, anti-inflammatory, healing, soothing and relaxing.

It is particularly suitable for treating:

  • Dermatitis, eczema and other skin irritation.
    Lavender's oleolito enjoys anti-inflammatory and soothing properties and is one of the most suitable natural products to soothe skin inflammation due to real pathologies, or caused by irritating external agents (wind, water, soaps, detergents, etc.) . It is fine to relieve dermatitis, eczema, horticaries, itch and insect bites. It is also useful for sunburn and solar erythemics (although in this case the oleolito of hypericum).
  • Contracting and muscle pain.
    Lavender's oleolito stands out for its particular relaxing and anti-inflammatory action, very useful for alleviating muscle pain due to contractures. In this case you can use it as a real massage oil, useful also to relax and drive out the accumulated tension during the day. For the same reason it is perfect applied in the evening, to relax and reconcile sleep.
  • Headache.
    Thanks to its relaxing properties, lavender oil can be a valid help for headache. Just apply the oil on the front and temples and massage gently until completely absorbed.
  • Fat skins, or with acne.
    Lavender's oleolito, thanks to antiseptic and healing properties, brings many benefits especially on oily skin and acne. In this case it is enough to use it several times a day applying a few drops to the face and letting the skin absorb it.
  • Oititis and cleansing of ears.
    The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action of lavender can also be exploited to naturally treat inflammation of the earphone (otitis), both in adults, and children. Just apply one, or a maximum of two drops in the auditory duct and leave the oil to act for about 15 minutes, relaxing and holding the inclined head, so that the oil does not come out, dirtying clothes and sheets. Once this is done, tilt your head from the opposite side and let the oil out, helping them with paper to avoid dirty.
  • Face remover.
    Not everyone knows that the best way to dissolve the trick is not water, the soap, but the fatty substances like vegetable oils. In this regard, lavender oil is one of the most suitable oils. You can use it for example when you are in the shower, adding a bit of lavender oil on a sponge, then gently passing it on the face and eyes. Later it will be enough to rinse abundant with warm water. Or, if you're not in the shower, you can use the oleolito by applying a few drops on a cotton pad, and then pass it on eyes and face until you completely remove the trick, then rinse with warm water.
  • On hair, against dandruff and lice.
    For its antiseptic action, Lavender's oleolito is a valid help also to counter dandruff. Furthermore, as you also recommend Dr. Hubs (see video below) is a very valid help also to eliminate and prevent the appearance of lice.
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