Organic Calendula oil infusion, cosmetic

€10,00 €15,00 -34% OFF

Organic Calendula oil infusion, cosmetic

€10,00 €15,00 -34% OFF

Calendula (marigold) oil is an oil infusion, obtained by macerating calendula officinalis flowers in a vegetable oil, and endowed with a powerful epidermic action, because it is able to improve the condition of the skin; useful in all those cases in which it is irritated and chapped.

Calendula oil is also a great ally for mothers: in fact, it soothes and protects the sensitive and irritable skin of newborns and children; moreover, if used preventively, it counteracts the formation of fissures in the breast of the nursing mother, and is also capable of quickly healing those already present.

Calendula oil infusion has a softening, soothing, calming, anti-inflammatory and healing action on sensitive or irritated skin. These epidermic properties are conferred on the plant by the presence in its phytocomplex of essential oil, fatty acids, salicylic acid, saponins, carotenoids, including calendulin, pentacyclic triterpenes, flavonoids, polysaccharides and mucilage.

It is effectively used to nourish and hydrate dry, chapped, delicate and easily reddening skin; in the presence of dermatosis, sunburn, diaper rash, light burns, allergic reactions to chemical agents or dermatitis from environmental factors, and finally neutralizes the toxic and poisonous substances inoculated by insect bites. Calendula oil among the remedies for treating rashes in children

  • COMPOSITION: organic sunflower seed oil and organic Calendula flowers
  • 20ml

Apply the oil on the affected area, until completely absorbed.

On slightly wet skin, absorption will be faster.

Sources: Natural Cures

Watch the video on how to make an oil liqueur

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petra toma
Ottimo prodotto

Ottima qualità! Consigliatissimo!!!

Denise Boido

È da poco che uso i loro prodotti,sono fantastici.
Erika è una donna unica molto gentile e disponibile x qualsiasi chiarimento.

chiara leone
prodotti veramente buoni e soprattutto veramente biologici!!!

Penso ormai di aver acquistato praticamente quasi tutti i loro prodotti, dall'olio (incredibile) alla creme (fantastiche) alle capsule con cui ho iniziato i primi ordini. Che dire ormai le usa tutta la mia famiglia!!!

Aurelia Yeuillaz


Maria Antonietta Giacalone
Ottimo prodotto

Utilizzo molto l'olio di iperico per disinfiammare e questo lo trovo un ottimo prodotto. Arrivato per tempo e ben imballato in una confezione con un occhio di riguardo al riciclo e all'ambiente.

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