Like every year, part of our revenues is donated to a project to help our planet and the people it hosts.

🌳 🌲 In 2021, with your purchases , you saved a forest threatened by felling.

💪 But in a historic moment like this we can and must do more!
🤟 But we need your help!
❄️ The proceeds from the winter sales were used to buy slides and swings certified according to the law, to let the children stay outdoors, in safety, during the beautiful days.
And throughout 2022, we will collect the tips you leave when you check out and donate them to the 'Il Volo' disabled centre. Our goal is to buy a lift worth €30,000 which is essential for children with mobility difficulties
🤰 Il Volo is a private project created by a group of mothers for the inclusion of disabled children and children with relational difficulties, in a normal context, thanks to play, activities and outdoor sports.
A safe and growing space for any family that needs it.
It's a totally self-financed project, which is why TOGETHER we can make a difference to the lives of these special kids.
🥗 What do you think about it? Do you want to be part of the change too?
🦋 Go to our website and contribute your purchase to this beautiful project!
What are you waiting for?
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