The Days of the Blackbird

I Giorni della Merla
Since Pagan and Celtic times, the festival of the Imboc, current Days of the Blackbird and Calderola, begins on January 31st and ends on February 2nd.
We celebrate La Luce, which manifests itself in the lengthening of the length of the day and the arrival of spring.
To honor these days we light fires and candles to purify and celebrate Brigid, Goddess of the Triple Fires.
Fires that forge metal and amplify creative and healing energy.
These are truly special days, not to be forgotten, rich in ancient popular traditions, which underline the importance of honoring the cycles of nature, without which we would not have food on our tables.
Dance around a nice fire and if you can't light it, dance around a candle.
And if you want, here you can find some meditations to do in front of 'your fire'
The best way to RESPECT NATURE is to follow its cycles.
Recalling an ancient tradition recalls the importance that the Earth has for human beings.
We will dance around our fire tonight and you?
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