Give organic saffron, the most powerful antioxidant in nature that is also good!

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Give organic saffron, the most powerful antioxidant in nature that is also good!

€80,00 €96,00 -17% OFF
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12 packs of 0.3GR to give to 12 people to you!

Each pack is sufficient to cook 20 saffron risottos.

The best saffron in Italy certificate First category According to ISO 3632-1-2011.

Half gram of saffron, it provides our body the same amount of antioxidants, the anti-rust of age, contained in three tomato es, two of carrots, three of peppers and two spinach.
In lowercase quantities, saffron contains an extraordinary concentration of vitamins, mineral salts and precious trace elements for our health.

Its value can also be measured through its innumerable healing properties in fact stimulates the immune system, it protects the body from the aggression of viruses and bacteria, prevents the development of degenerative tumors and diseases, hindering the destructive action of free radicals, protects The heart and arteries, reducing hypertension and hypercholesterolemia, protects the respiratory system, relieving the symptoms of cough and asthma, reduces menstrual pain, thanks to the content of crocetin, increases concentration, mitigates depression, relieves toothache, Protects the liver and stimulates digestion.

The hypothesis that saved him is able to inhibit the deposit of some proteins present in the human brain when he is in the presence of Alzheimer's disease.

It is a natural remedy as precious as it is rare.

Suffice it to know that you get from three small filaments present in the corolla of a flower, the Crocus sativus. To obtain a modest amount you need thousands of plants and many hours of manual work.

This is therefore explained because the saffron is compared to gold. In addition to doing well to our organism it is also very good in the kitchen

The saffron is used in the kitchen as a food ingredient and drinks to donate the characteristic perfume, the unmistakable flavor and the precious "gold" color.
It is sufficient to put some pistil of Zafferano Bio di Sant'Egle in a cup of water, milk of animal or warm vegetable, let it rest for 10 minutes and join the liquid to the dish you want to fine.

As for all foods it is good to pay attention not to overdo it.
Take 20 grams of saffron all at once can be lethal!
Even for a pregnant woman, the hiring of 10 grams of saffron can determine abortion.
The ideal dose that should never be exceeded is that of 1.5 grams a day.

More info on the site dedicated to ours Bio saffron



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