Stevia RebA liquids, the natural sweetener with ZERO sugars from €7,00 €10,00
The Stevia has zero calories, does not stick to the teeth and can also be eaten by diabetics. It is a natural sweetener used against diabetes by indigenous peoples of South America, from several millennia. Here the sources. The dehydrated leaves have a sweetener power up to 350 times compared to the common sugar. In essence 1 gr of stevia is equivalent to 350 grams of white sugar. Difference between Stevia Rebaudioside A and Stevioside Stevioside and the rebaudioside are the sweet components of the Stevia.If the plant is refined you get a white powder or a transparent liquid.Stevioside is the first extraction and has a maximum purity of 90th with a liquoritia aftertaste. Its sweetener power is 180 times that of sugar, or 1 gr of stevioside equals 180gr of white sugar.A second extraction from the stevioside, allows to obtain and isolate the Stevia Rebaudioside A, also called rebaudian.Rebaudian A is 97% pure, does not have the liquoritia after-taste and its sweetener is 350 times that of sugar, or 1 gr of rebaudioside equals 350g of white sugar.Beyond the fruit compotes with the Stevia we also sell the pure powder stevia (for jams, sweets to be replaced wherever the sugar is used) and the liquid stevia with hot drink dispenser. 3 drops equals to 1 teaspoon of sugarThe 20 ml package is equivalent to 700gr of sugar The 50 ml package is equivalent to 1750gr of sugar The 500 ml co-entry is equivalent to 17.5kg of sugar The Liquid Stevia is composed of water, Stevia Reba and 3 natural preservatives accepted in the biological that prevent the formation of lumps or malic acid (product naturally from apples), sorbic acid (product naturally fromSorbus aucuparia And in other rosacee Adapted from and vegetable glycerin. Here you find one of the Many of our recipes Gurada Our site dedicated to Stevia Rebaudiana
Fruit compote with Stevia from €10,00
Our composites, unlike jams that are citrus only, jams that have at most 30% fruit and jellies that are based on fruit juices, often frozen, are made only with pieces fruit, cultivated by following The synergistic biological method, without any kind of pesticide and chemical fertilizer.Fruit is caught on the day of its perfect maturation in the sun of the Maremma, it is not smoothed and filtered.The new composes sweetened with our Stevia Reba, have the 90% fruit, 20% Stevia Reba (1%) and 10% of Bio Fairtrade cane sugar. Sugar is necessary for storage, without the need for chemical preservatives, of the compost itself, since the Stevia reba is a sugar and therefore a natural preservative. 20% of Stevia is calculated by evaluating that 1GR of Stevia Reba powder is equivalent to 350g of sugar.The compotes of Sant'Egle, are well preserved in the fridge next time, for about 1 month. Gurada Our site dedicated to Stevia Rebaudiana
Toothpaste bio-mint, no sugar with stevia €6,00
Sugar is present in all toothpaste but it is also one of the causes of the caries. This toothpaste has no added sugar, it has the taste of the mint (natural essential oil) and its sweetness is given by the stevia. Without fluoro, colours, preservatives and sugar. Pack of 75ml
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