Do you remember grandma's apron?
Grandmother E (Eugenia) always wore an apron over her good clothes.
But the apron wasn't just for that. He used it as if it were a glove to take the pan over the wood-burning range cooker, to remove the 'cake' from the oven; it was perfect for drying my tears and those of my cousin Elena but also for cleaning my face dirty with earth and ripe fruit, stolen from the trees; the grandmother used it to carry vegetables picked by grandfather Nanni and the eggs found in the chicken coop, sometimes the chicks or kittens that the mother cat did not want to nurse, but also Breta, Uncle Federico's hunting dog.
If people arrived unexpectedly, my grandmother used her apron to dust, and I hid under it if I didn't like whoever arrived.

He used it to carry wood into the house and waved it in front of the fire
stove to make it warm in the morning, so that the kitchen would be warm when I got up.

He also used it to collect the fruit that had fallen from the trees and used to shake it at mealtimes shouting ' Giovanniiii è prontooo !' and the grandfather went immediately to wash his hands with the brush.

It will still be many years before some invention can replace Grandma E's old apron.

Dedicated to my grandparents who taught me to love, respect and protect our land.

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