Greetings to Leo, the fat ginger cat of Sant'Egle
8 years ago a red cat arrived in Sant'Egle in 'unhappy' conditions
Olivia, one of the two cockers, took care of him and raised him strong and fat.
Leo has decided to contribute to the daily life of the agritourism by welcoming the guests at night, accompanying them to their respective rooms.

During the day he was a lifeguard in the pool, rubbing himself on the bellies of the swimmers and measuring the temperature of the water with his paws.

With discretion and shyness we too were admitted into his life and it was a real privilege.

Last Sunday Leo decided to say goodbye, leaving us some great teachings:

detachment from material goods
the art of knowing how to wait
the elegance of makes no noise
take care of yourself
give love without expecting anything in return

He was a great friend, but as a cat, he would never have stooped to admit that we too were for him.
Many of you met him and want to honor this moment with the many photos you sent us in the past few days.
Hi Leo

The farmhouse will reopen at Easter but we will continue to keep you company with our weekly live shows of Knowing to Consciously Choose and ship all your orders, every morning
Alexander always says: there's nothing a hot soup can't fix!

Holy word! have you ever felt your bones and feet cold, have a bad day where you don't feel like cooking or eating or a gloomy evening on the sofa?
A nice hot soup puts everything back in place, body and spirit!
And here we are with ready-to-cook organic soups, just a little vegetable broth and they are ready in a few minutes.
What are you waiting for?
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