Kit always in balance

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Kit always in balance

€45,00 €54,00 -17% OFF
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New Essential Oils of Sant'Egle

Because we like that you are happy, serene and balanced.
A kit to always be close, ready to solve any mood.

LAVENDER He balances the central nervous system. She calms anxiety, agitation, nervousness; You relieve headaches and disorders caused by stress; You help you get sleep in case of insomnia,

ROSEMARY It helps mental clarity, empty your mind from useless thoughts and raill. Excellent for the concentration of students, for those who need to focus on a non-fatigue project. Useful for lack of memoras, listlessness, mental confusion, even in the delicate moments of passing of adulthood to the most advanced one, in menopause and inlandopause.

PEPPERMINT Antistress, regenerates the psyche. Effective for concentration during study for examinations or to improve performance in the office. Help states of stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression. Digestive and antibacterial, helps meteorism, flatulence, indigestiones, colitis, diarrhea, spasms, dyspepsie and almost all disorders related to the digestive system.

THYME Useful in the event of respiratory and urinary tract infections. Excellent for cooling diseases. It stimulates the psychophysical functions of the organism, fights fatigue and stimulates blood circulation. Strengthen memory and brain activity, contrasts anguish and insomnia.

LAUREL Strengthens the capacity for concentration and memory, develops creativity, pure fears and exam anxiety. When the self-confidence is missing, we are afraid of speaking in public, fear of not being up to the height or not being able to achieve their goals: it favors psychic awareness and intuition, "making the IM possible

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