What happens to us on the day of the Spring Equinox?

Cosa ci accade nel giorno dell'Equinozio di Primavera?
This year spring arrives one day earlier than usual, i.e. March 20th at 10.37am (Italian time).

It is the day in which the hours of light are equal to those of the night.

In the ancient Chinese tradition, it is the moment of transition from Yin characterized by rest, introspection and the depth of winter and Yang with its rebirth, excitement and expansion towards the new.
The yin it is the principle that drives energy and action inward (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually).
It is associated with darkness because the types of processes that naturally gravitate toward darkness tend to draw us deeper into ourselves through sleep, meditation, and contemplation.
With darkness, we tend to venture deeper into the Yin realm, our feminine side, which nurtures and welcomes, regenerates and stimulates subtle perceptions.
The Yang it is the principle that drives outward energy and action.
Yang is associated with "light" because it pulls us into the outside world.
Yang in fact stimulates our masculine side, giving us expression, action and stimulating physical activity.
With the Spring Equinox our energy shifts towards greater outward action and expression, particularly towards the enhancement of our cultivated personality through the inner work done in the winter months.
From a practical point of view it is time to shed light on new projects , be positive and start spending more time in the air again open.

Many people experience with the arrival of spring, a state of anger And irritability often accompanied by anxiety And depression.
The best remedies to better manage and live these emotions given by change are to do movement And physical activity outdoors when the sun is out, detoxify our body from the waste accumulated during the winter, stimulate the immune system and enjoy the emotions with the balance that medicinal herbs give.

A wonderful moment to let yourself be surprised by what is new and will come.
I'm curious and excited and you?
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