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6 BIO hydrolyzes to keep at home, as a remedy for different moods.

Hydrolates can be inhaled, given on the skin or placed in room diffusers.

Lavender: calms anxiety, agitation, nervousness; relieves headaches and disorders caused by stress; helps to fall asleep in case of insomnia.

For children: colic, irritability, colds, night agitation.


Rosemary: it helps mental clarity and concentration: for students, for those who need to focus on a project, it allows to facilitate the focus of their attention on a certain goal, and to maintain it for a certain time, without fatigue.

Rosemary essential oil purifies the air and environments, but it is also able, by analogy, to purify the mind from unnecessary thoughts and mulling;

Physical energizer: in case of apathy and asthenia, it increases vitality and at the same time gives mental clarity and objectivity in dealing with any situation, clarifying those emotional states and those thought patterns that are often associated with mild forms of lethargy and depression.

Mental stimulant: increases memory and mental responsiveness, alertness of thought and clarity, lucidity. Useful against lack of memory, listlessness, mental confusion, even in the delicate moments of transition from adulthood to the most advanced, in menopause and andropause.


Hyssop- stimulates the secretion of gastric juices, promotes digestive processes, eliminates intestinal gases.


Sage Scalea it has relaxing power if inhaled induces calm and serenity in the presence in the presence of stress, nervousness, anguish, fears, paranoia. Great support for overcoming midlife crises and menopause, for people who no longer dare, resigned, who feel "too old" and live in a state of depression. It acts on an emotional level, on our creativity allowing us expressions and” poetic licenses " worthy of born artists; it instills courage to realize creative projects or support exam.


Cypress: Antidepressant, if inhaled has a general rebalancing action on the nervous system, softens the changes and helps to overcome depression, which arises from the loss of loved ones and the end of a romance.


Laurel it is stimulating, if inhaled gently activates Energy, strengthens the ability to concentrate and memory; develops creativity; soothes fears and anxiety from examination. When self-confidence is lacking, one is afraid to speak in public, afraid of not being up to it or of not being able to achieve one's goals: it promotes psychic awareness and intuition, "making the impossible possible". Useful in case of exhaustion, fatigue and stress.

6x packs of 100ml with spray.

Produced by Agr.Bio Aia del Tufo and organic farm Sant'egle

Natural and genuine products at 100%

Organic and hand-made products

Production and sale of organic products in Tuscany Italy

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