Bio solid shampoo with verbena, rosemary and melissa

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Bio solid shampoo with verbena, rosemary and melissa

€25,00 €35,00 -29% OFF
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Volumizing and reinforcing bio solid shampoo.

This solid shampoo helps the hair to have more volume and be stronger thanks to the henna content.

With the term henna we refers to the plant "Lawsonia inermis", which contains a molecule (Lawson) that binds to the keratin of the hair, but does not penetrate inside, does not dye him as the famous homonymous.

For this reason, it has a protective and volumizing effect.

Henna also acts as a sebum-normalizing and anti-drilling treatment.

It is totally natural and does not contain sodium picramate or other chemical ingredients.

It contains other 100% natural ingredients derived from wheat and coconut, which I contribute to giving greater volume to the hair.

It also continues Neem powder.

The Neem it is imbued meaning spiritual.

Its healing properties are attributed to the fact that some water drops of paradise are fallen to it.

In many stories of the mythology of ancient Indian history, divine origin is given to this tree.

Perfumed naturally with essential oils: geranium with some notes of cinnamon and verbena.

Contains natural surfactants extracted from coconut walnut.

Why choose a solid shampoo?

🌿Do good to the planet (don't pollute with plastic, a solid shampoo our equivalent to two bottles and lasts two months)

🌿there is no waste because you will tell you better

🌿 it's practical, because little and you can take it anywhere, even by plane

Use: Apply directly to the previously wet cute in five points: behind the ears, front, central, occipital

Massage and rinse. If the hair is too dirty, repeat the steps.

NB: It does not contain preservatives. Do not leave in stagnant waters and after use, put the product in a safe safe place like a soap holder dedicated only to him as our 100% vegetable luff soap door.


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