Natural remedies for the body

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Natural remedies for the body

€80,00 €102,00 -22% OFF
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Your body is like a temple. You will never take garbage in a temple.

For this you need to select what you eat with your mouth and your skin. Especially if you are in the prey to bad habits that give your body and consequently your physical and mental energy.

This kit was designed for seasonal changes and for all moments of the year where you feel tired, demotivated, free of vital energy and enthusiasm.

100 gr Bio Spirulina Di Sant'Egle Bio Detox, I want to do, iron and concentration

60 cps echiancea root of sant'egle, immunostimulator to reinforce the immune system and do not get sick

60 CPS Vitamin C made with the Rosa Canina di Sant'Egle, it helps to convey the iron contained in the spirulina in the organism and solve flu problems

0.3 gr saffron pistils of Sant'Egle Bio The most powerful antioxidant that exists in nature that helps keep cholesterol low. 3 pistils in a cup of warm water with the addition of 3 drops of Stevia Reba and half a lemon.

20 ml Stevia Reba, to sweeten your warm and cold drinks and do desserts and jams without calories (even for diabetics)

Bio cocoa butter, to repair your lips stressed, naturally


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