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Its flavour remembers that of hazelnuts and must be used in raw material to preserve the extraordinary nutritional qualities and therapeutic virtues ; excellent for children, it is also perfect for adults and the elderly. We find out its multiple benefits

Obtained from the cold squeeze of Cannabis sativa seeds, hemp oil is a vegetable oil rich in essential fatty acids from the spicy antioxidant, immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory properties, currently the subject of scientific studies and research.

It comes with a color that varies from light green to intense green, possesses a shallow smell and a very pleasant taste reminiscent of that of hazelnuts. For this reason it is used for salad dressings, cereals, soups, etc. .. in place or alongside extra-virgin olive oil.

The properties of hemp oil

Along with seafood oil to that of linseed, hemp oil is one of the few plant sources of alpha linolenic acid.

In particular, hemp seed oil is known for its optimum balance between omega-3 and omega-6 : no other food in the wild is able to guarantee a proportion 3:1, ratio recommended by medical research and the most advanced nutritionist theories.

This, in fact, is the main difference between hemp seed oil and other oils used in feeding or as dietary supplements.

In hemp oil there are also significant amounts of amino acids, essential to the correct functioning of the organism; numerous vitamins, including A, E, B1, B2, PP, C ; mineral salts such as iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus ; phytosterols and cannabinoids (especially CBD, Cannabidiol) which according to the most recent medical-scientific acquisitions have an important modulation function with regard to the immune system and cognitive functions.

The level of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the astonishing active ingredient in hemp, is very low, less than one part per million, so to have psychotropic effects from this substance, you would need to take on it from the 5-9 liters per day.

To date, there has been no type of side effects from the intake of hemp oil, but on the contrary, beneficial effects on health have been observed, both for children and adults, so much as being recommended in the prevention and treatment of underlying diseases is inflammatory.

The benefits of oil are hemp

A daily intake of hemp seed oil to the extent of 1 teaspoon from tea per day, at the preventive level ; and from 1-3 tablespoons to be distributed in the day have shown excellent results in the event of :

Disorders of the osteoarticular and muscular system : it is also used for the prevention and care of arthrosis and arthritis, muscle and joint pains ;

autoimmune diseases ; other inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and the Morbo of Crohn ;

cardiovascular disorders and metabolism : the daily use of hemp oil (about 4/5 teaspoons per day) rapidly lowers cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, thereby also reducing the risk of thrombosis, hypertension, vasculopathies and atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease in general, because it keeps the walls of blood vessels elastic ;

respiratory system pathologies : it is employed in the care of asthma, sinusitis, tracheitis and several respiratory diseases, both of the low and upper respiratory tract ;

skin conditions generally : atopic and dry dermatitis, psoriasis, herpes, herpes, vitiligo, eczema, mycosis and for all inflammations or localized irritations. It can also improve the condition of the acne-afflicted skin. In addition to the intake by mouth, it also applies directly to the area to be treated to reduce prurites and inflammations. Effective also for the care of tooth mushrooms (onicomicosis) ;

pathologies of the gastro-intestinal tract and the liver : the chronic infection of the bladder, ulcerative colitis, the treatment of the irritable intestine ;

imbalances in the women's hormone system : ovarian cysts, menstrual pains, mammary fibrocysts, is very useful for pretreatment and menopause, because it fights osteoporosi;

problems of neurological and mental nature : reinforces the nervous system, for this reason it is employed to treat learning problems, memory deficits, difficulty concentrating and lack of attention, chronic depression and postparto; postparto; speech disorders and characterization, autism, neurosis.

From the seeds of hemp you also receive cannabis flour : discover the properties

Description of the plant

An annual herbaceous plant belonging to the family of Cannabaceae, it can arrive up to 4-5 metres high in the species selected for the production of hemp fiber ; up to 1 meter those from seed (hemtichin 'hortichine').

Cannabis seeds, also employed in the valuable food use, where products with THC of less than 0.2%, in Italy are legal and usable for all uses with the exception of plant cultivation.

The leaves are for the most part opposite, with long picket, palmatoseven, with 5-11 lancels long 7-8 cm., and 2-3 cm. wide, with rough and skewered margins : the upper ones are alternating, the lower leaves triseven or not divided.

Canapa is a dioic plant, has male flowers in elongated inflorescences, broad and green-yellow pannocchie, quinquepartite perigonio and 5 stami ; while female flowers show up in shorter and compact inflorescences.

The fruit (said seed) is a smooth, polished, oval flattened ox, (5mm x 4 x 3), grey-green with dark venatures, from which oil is extracted from the multiple properties.


Pack of 100 ml

Produced by Agr.Bio Hague of the Tufo


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