Morellino di Scansano, red DOCG, Antonio Camillo

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Morellino di Scansano, red DOCG, Antonio Camillo

€15,00 €20,00 -25% OFF
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In our cellar we could not miss the sincere Camillo who has been in charge of vineyards and wine for twenty-five years; since 2006 has started its wine production, dedicating itself exclusively to indigenous grapes by selecting the best vineyards for exhibition, land and age. It mainly works with old vineyards, of age between 40 and 50-year-old. It cultivates vines according to traditional methods, intervening as little as possible with mechanical processing and with green pruning, so as not to stress the plant. Only natural products (copper and sulphur) are used for health protection. In the cellar it uses almost exclusively concrete containers, in addition to large wood for the refinement of the upper wine. Try to intervene as little as possible with the oenological operations, accompanying the evolution of the wine without forcing it.


Bloody 100%

Grapes from 15-year-old vineyards located in the Commune of Campagnatico, 250 mt slm

Melted clay soils, rich in skeleton

Strength: spur cord

Agriculture: natural, without the use of synthetic products

Sales: first week of October

Vinification: steel, with maceration on the skins of 12-15 days

Sharpening: six months cement, three months bottle

Analytical data:

  • alcohol 14,00% full
  • total acidity 4,70 gr/lt
  • ph 3,70
  • sugar 1,5 gr/lt
  • total sulphur 65 mg/lt
  • Free sulphur 28 mg/lt

Tasting notes:

typical apricot, fruity and crispy. Nose sensations of red and purple fruit; full and fragrant mouth, aggressive tannin in youth, smooth and round after a few months of bottle

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