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Bean Tuscany BIO, 350gr is an ancient variety of Tuscan beans. Excellent boiled and seasoned oil evo bio, ideal for soups, pastries and soups with a very decided flavor.

Bean Zolfino, 350 gr ancient Tuscan variety. It has no skin but it can withstand the cooking, with intense flavor

Cece Nero 500gr. Ancient variety used for popular tradition by pregnant and puerperious women for high iron content.

Cece Fiorentino BIO, 500gr. is an ancient variety of Tuscan chickpeas. Suitable as a border but also for passes and soups for its thin skin.

Puy BIO Critical Lentils, 500gr They have a slightly thin coating and a little floury heart and are distinguished from other varieties by the presence of a blu e pigment that confers the typical coloration.

Black lenses BIO, 500gr are small in size, with a thin skin and a more intense flavor than green lentils. If you cook with fish broth, you can serve it by inviting your guests to recognize what your Vegetable Horse is made of!

Lentils BIO, 350gr trils of green lentils 50%, red 30% and classic 20% for a King's Soup.

Ceci Maremmani BIO, 350gr.

Lentils of Sorano BIO, 350gr




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