Oil Safflower Seeds BIO, cold spemuto

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Oil Safflower Seeds BIO, cold spemuto

€9,00 €15,00 -40% OFF
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THE safflower seeds They are rich in vitamin C and K, very useful for cardiovascular disorders and arteriosclerosis.

L safflower (Carthamus tinctorius), Also known as safflower, Is a plant grown in hot countries from which we extract a precious vegetable oil but also a pigment food, textiles and cosmetics, cartamina, Aroma reminiscent saffron.
The robes of Buddhist monks, by tradition, are still dyed with the safflower flowers.

About 45% of safflower seeds is composed of fat, the 20% from protein and the 33% from fibers.
The oil extracted from these seeds is rich in linoleic acid (Omega 6) and has a percentage of imported oleic acid than other vegetable oils. It is also a valuable source of vitamins C and K.

The oilsafflower seedsis rich in polyunsaturated fats that holdunder control cholesterol levels "bad"(LDL) in the blood and are useful in the prevention ofcardiovascular disordersAndarteriosclerosis and for those suffering fromvitamin deficiencies.

Among the beneficial effects of this oil also it seems to be the effect an aid in weight loss and folk medicine attributes great properties: reinforces'physical and mental activityand it helps l 'sexual activity.

In the Middle Ages it was used againstasthmacoughAndpsoriasis, Forlaxative propertiesand safflower seed infusions needed to restore strength and health toOlder people(This custom is still practiced in India and Africa).

The high vitamin K content gives a safflower seeds'coagulant actionAndantitumorAs well as make them valuable allies for preventing 'osteoporosis.

Other uses are safflower oil Skin care with the addition of our essential oils.

The safflower contributes, thanks to an enzyme, to make more dense milk, so it is perfect for giving consistency in creams and puddings.

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