1 gr Pistilli of Italian organic Zafferano

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The best saffron in Italy certified First Category according to the ISO 3632-1-2011 legislation.

Half a gram of saffron, it provides our organism with the same amount of antioxidants, antirust of age, contained in three tomato roofs, two of carrots, three of peppers and two of spinach.
In tiny amounts, the saffron contains an extraordinary concentration of vitamins, mineral salts and oligoelements valuable to our health.

Its value can also be measured through its countless properties, in fact it stimulates the immune system, protects the organism from the aggression of viruses and bacteria, prevents the development of cancers and degenerative diseases, hindering the destructive action of free radicals, protects the heart and arteries, protects the respiratory tract, alleviating the symptoms of coughing and asthma, reduces menstrual pain, thanks to the content of crocetine, increases the concentration, mitigates depression, relieves toothache, protects the liver and stimulates digestion.

The hypothesis is that the saffron is able to inhibit the storage of certain proteins in the human brain when it is in the presence of Alzheimer's disease.

It's a natural remedy as valuable as it is rare.

Suffice it to know that it is obtained from three small strands present in the corolla of a flower, the crocus sativus. Thousands of plants and many hours of manual work are needed to obtain a modicum.

So here is why the saffron is compared to gold. In addition to doing well in our body it is also very good in the kitchen

The saffron takes in the cuisine as an ingredient in foods and drinks to donate the characteristic scent, the unmistakable flavour and the precious "gold" color.
It is enough to put a few saffron pistils of St. Egle into a cup of water, milk of animal origin or lukewarm vegetable, leave to rest for 10 and join the liquid to the pitiful that you want to prey.

As with all foods it is good to be careful not to exaggerate.
Hiring 20 grams of saffron all at once can be lethal!
Even, for a pregnant woman, the intake of 10 grams of saffron can determine abortion.

More info on the dedicated site www.zafferanobio.it

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