Adopt a organic olive, campaign 2021


Adopt a organic olive, campaign 2021

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You ever think about having your own olive tree?

You can see it virtually or you can test it and come grow it with us, follow its growth, its vegetative phases, harvest, bring your olives to the mill and wait for the oil to come out!

You can do it today!

Choose your tree, give it a name, watch it grow, come and see it, hug it, and don't lose a penny in its shadow!

If you've only dreamed of all this and wish to make a gesture of love for nature, now you must do nothing but adopt your olive!

With this adoption we guarantee you 5lt of organic extra virgin olive oil of Santa'Egle every year, fresh crushed oil, directly from the fields of Santa'Egle, on your tables!

The annual cost is eighty.

The oil is crushed in October/November of each year and you will first receive your oil directly at home.

Accession is annual, without tacit renewal.

If you want, you can give this gift to a friend! We'l l send you the adoption certificate in his name!

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