6 x Spirulina crispy from 100gr, summer collection

€180,00 €300,00 -40% OFF

6 x Spirulina crispy from 100gr, summer collection

€180,00 €300,00 -40% OFF
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Spirulina is a branched amino acid of plant origin.

Compared with meat that contains 40% percent protein, legumes that contain 35% percent, spirulina boasts 70% percent of proteins already transformed into amino acid and assimilated by our body.
It's a cyanobacterium, also called single-celled microalgae from the blue green color that has been living on our planet for more than 3 billion and a half years.
It is a food among the most complete and balanced existing in nature, already defined by the UN as the best food alternative source of the future.

The Spirulina joins the very high protein content, an exceptional concentration of Vitamins (complex B, D, E, K), Minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, Selenium), 8 Essential Amino Acids and Betacarotene.
Spirulina reinforces the immune system, fights anaemia, depletes and detoxifies the organism, ideal for vegans, vegetarians and celiacs, increases the physical and intellectual resistance, has beneficial effects on the integrity of the skin and hair, gives sense of satiety, is therefore ideal for dietary diets.

This spirulina has the shape of small broken noodles is crispy and the taste remembers pumpkin seeds.

Dosage :

Omnivores : 3gr of crispy spirulina (1 tablespoon from sugar raso) +

Vegetarians : 6gr of crispy spirulina (1 tablespoon from cholmo sugar)

Vegans and Athletes : 9gr of crispy spirulina (3 tablespoon from razed sugar)

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