New oil 2021 extra virgin olive olive from €5,00
OUR PRODUCTION OF OIL 'NOVO' HAS BEEN FRONT! Our small production of extra virgin olive oil of organic olive is produced following the synergistic biological method. Sant'Egle is located at 530 slm and for this reason the olive trees are not targeted by the famous Moscow that obliges many growers to use harmful products, to kill it. The collection is handmade, without the use of shaking or mechanical means.The Sovana crusher, organic certificate, squeezes our olives using the cold method. This year poor spontaneous rains and very hot, gave birth to a less herbaceous and spicy oil. It has fluid, clear and with a delicate flavor. Limited quantity, given by a less rich collection. Nature is so sometimes generous, sometimes less. For this reason it should be appreciated and respected. Packaged in cans. For 100% insured shipping it is advisable to purchase the zero risk package that you find above, which reimburses 100% of the value of this product in case of breakage.
Zolfini and bono oil! €23,00 €25,00
Good beans with good oil and lunch is made. Tasty, healthy and you can take it to work or on vacation. In this kit we recommend the best bean that exists on the earth, the sulfino. Leave it 12 hours in the water and then cook it in water with vegetable nut and salt. Let him cool in his water, drain and add a thread of Oil of Sant'Egle. Taste and discover a new world of antique excelsa flavors. 500g of zolfini beans + 250 ml of voiceless oil of Sant'Egle made with hand-picked olives and cold fry within 4 hours of harvest.
Sunflower oil, cold spec. from €8,00 €10,00
Sunflower seed oil And Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, precursors of fatty acids Omega 3 and 6. It is useful for the Heart health And energy production.
Oil Safflower Seeds BIO, cold spemuto €9,00 €15,00
THE safflower seeds They are rich in vitamin C and K, very useful for cardiovascular disorders and arteriosclerosis. L safflower (Carthamus tinctorius), Also known as safflower, Is a plant grown in hot countries from which we extract a precious vegetable oil but also a pigment food, textiles and cosmetics, cartamina, Aroma reminiscent saffron.The robes of Buddhist monks, by tradition, are still dyed with the safflower flowers. About 45% of safflower seeds is composed of fat, the 20% from protein and the 33% from fibers.The oil extracted from these seeds is rich in linoleic acid (Omega 6) and has a percentage of imported oleic acid than other vegetable oils. It is also a valuable source of vitamins C and K. The oilsafflower seedsis rich in polyunsaturated fats that holdunder control cholesterol levels "bad"(LDL) in the blood and are useful in the prevention ofcardiovascular disordersAndarteriosclerosis and for those suffering fromvitamin deficiencies. Among the beneficial effects of this oil also it seems to be the effect an aid in weight loss and folk medicine attributes great properties: reinforces'physical and mental activityand it helps l 'sexual activity. In the Middle Ages it was used againstasthma, coughAndpsoriasis, Forlaxative propertiesand safflower seed infusions needed to restore strength and health toOlder people(This custom is still practiced in India and Africa). The high vitamin K content gives a safflower seeds'coagulant actionAndantitumorAs well as make them valuable allies for preventing 'osteoporosis. Other uses are safflower oil Skin care with the addition of our essential oils. The safflower contributes, thanks to an enzyme, to make more dense milk, so it is perfect for giving consistency in creams and puddings. Fonte Natural Cure
Organic hemp seed oil, cold spec. from €15,00 €18,00
Its flavor remembers that of the hazelnuts and should be used raw to preserve its extraordinary nutritional qualities and therapeutic virtues intact; Great for children, it is also perfect for adults and the elderly. Hemp oil It is a vegetable oil obtained from cold pressing seeds of Cannabis Sativa, plant of the cannabaceae family. The properties of hemp seed oil They are different from the properties of Sativia hemp. Hemp seed oil is in fact practically free of cannabinoids but rich in essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6. The oil obtained from hemp does not therefore have a psychoactive action but boasts property Anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and immunostimulants. L'external use Hemp oil has an emollient action And soothing and is useful in the prevention of wrinkles and signs of time and in the treatment of chapped, dry or inflamed skin. It is used in creams, shampoos, soaps and massage oils Combined with ours essential oils. The benefits of oil can be saved The consumption of hemp oil can make different benefits. In particular, dates the anti-inflammatory properties, hemp oil has therapeutic properties helping In case of inflammation and chronic pain, for example for the treatment of arthrosis and arthritis, muscle and joint pain. The presence of essential fatty acids in hemp oil can also help reduce cholesterol levels and triglycerides in the blood, decreasing the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Since it is an anti-inflammatory oil, the use of Hemp massage oil It is useful in case of skin affections including Atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, herpes, erythema, eczema, acne, itch and, in genele, for all inflammation and cutaneous irritation. Hemp oil can also help prevent wrinkles And to preserve the tone and the elasticity of the skin. Use of hemp oil Hemp oil can be taken: As a supplement Consumed like food. They can use it From a teaspoon to three tablespoons a day To add raw to season salads, vegetable contours or added to smoothies and yoghurts. Externally, you can use pure hemp oil or mixed with other vegetable oils to make a Relaxing and anti-inflammatory oil for body and face skin massages. Contraindications and side effects The Contraindications of hemp oil They are not known and this product does not present particular side effects. Given The high calorie intake and the laxative action The vegetable oils, the consumption of hemp oil must still be moderate. Fonte Natural Cure
Adopt a organic olive, campaign 2021 €90,00
You ever think about having your own olive tree? You can see it virtually or you can test it and come grow it with us, follow its growth, its vegetative phases, harvest, bring your olives to the mill and wait for the oil to come out! You can do it today!Choose your tree, give it a name, watch it grow, come and see it, hug it, and don't lose a penny in its shadow!If you've only dreamed of all this and wish to make a gesture of love for nature, now you must do nothing but adopt your olive! With this adoption we guarantee you 5lt of organic extra virgin olive oil of Santa'Egle every year, fresh crushed oil, directly from the fields of Santa'Egle, on your tables! The annual cost is eighty. The oil is crushed in October/November of each year and you will first receive your oil directly at home. Accession is annual, without tacit renewal. If you want, you can give this gift to a friend! We'l l send you the adoption certificate in his name!
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Are there more products that can be inserted? Take a look at the section Kit on offer And save by buying one of Sant'Egle's bio kits The offer is limited to stocks and is in time To see all kits, CLICK HERE!
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Do you like our products? Do you want to make a gift to a friend, a friend or a relative? Choose the GIFT CERTIFICATE that you prefer and insert the data of the person to whom to make the gift! You will receive the GIFT CERTIFICATE that you will be able to spend on our site. If you have any doubts call us or send a whatsApp back to 3294250285 or write an email to

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