Organic flours of ancient grains, ground to stone from €4,00
Organic durum wheat flour, Senatore Cappelli variety cultivar of durum wheat selected at the beginning of the ' 900: born for the preparation of pasta but mixed with other types of flour is excellent for any type of salty preparation. Wheat flour TURANICUM (triticum turanicum) organic, 1kg ancient variety of durum wheat, very easy to work and with a characteristic sweet taste. Frarro Dicocco (triticum dicoccum) organic flour, 1kg suitable for sweet and savory preparations that need important dishes such as bread, pizzas and piadine. Blend of ancient varieties of soft grains (Type 1) organic, 1kgrecommended for leavening with sourdough with medium long leavening. Soft wheat flour (Type 0) organic, 1kg ancient variety of Tuscan wheat, suitable for any preparation, leavening with sourdough and also as 'cutting' flour to make the dough softer Organic oatmeal, 500gr characterized by a particular bitter aftertaste, we recommend mixing this flour with other types of flour to obtain more flavorful and nutritious products. Organic rye flour, 500gr suitable for the preparation of sweet and savory. Pignoletto Red organic corn flour, 500 gr saporta, cooks in 50 minutes without mixing it and is GLUTEN FREE Organic buckwheat flour, 500gr it is a speudocereal that GLUTEN FREE. Indicated for everything that does not need leavening as its sugars are little available for yeasts. It can be used for pasta, dumplings, crepes and in cakes for cookies and tarts. Organic millet flour, 500gr GLUTEN FREE for sweet and savory recipes. Organic Chickpea Flour GLUTEN FREE, 500gr thanks to its thickening capacity, this flour can be used in many culinary preparations. Suitable for the preparation of burgers, meatballs and breadsticks, it finds an exquisite placement in soups and creams. Useful for gratin or kneaded with eggs, for a very nutritious dough. Spelt flour GLUTEN FREE, 1kg indicated in the preparation of sweet and savoury, its characteristics make it easier to handle than common spelt flours, while not losing the typical nutritional characteristics of this precious cereal. Great for cakes, cookies and bread. Sativa hemp flour, GLUTEN FREE, 300 gr it is obtained by grinding the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant. The seeds are pressed in a press, then ground and powdered in a mill, giving rise to a soft flour also known simply as hemp flour. Hemp flour contains all 8 essential amino acids, including methionine and cysteine that are normally poorly represented in other proteins of plant origin. 65% of hemp protein is represented by edestin, a protein that is easily digested, while gliadin and glutenin, or gluten, are completely absent. For this reason, hemp flour is suitable for people suffering from celiac disease and is also useful for strengthening the immune system, the nervous system and the hormonal system The fibers are very abundant and make it an ideal food for the fight or prevention of constipation. The mineral salts present in a significant way are: potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc, while with regard to vitamins are mainly present tocopherols (vitamin E). Hemp seed flour is a food rich in omega 3 and omega 6, fatty acids important for our body for their antioxidant properties, also useful for the Prevention of cardiovascular disorders.      
Bio Tuscan cereals from €3,00
Bio pearl barley, 500gr It can be cooked without soaking in 30 minutes. Excellent for the preparation of soups or boiled and seasoned with vegetables and cheese, like a cold rice or risotto in a 30gr dosa per person. Bio-decorated white oats, 500g Antique cereal known as a very energy food. Excellent in soups or cooked like rice with vegetables and legume, it has a spicy flavor. Bio-decorted millet, 350gr / 500gr GLUTEN FREE High nutritional value, excellent in soups and soups brodose or dry. Bio pearl spelled, 400gr / 500gr Neated and cultivated cereal already from the Etruscans. Very energetic food, excellent in soups and dry, cold or hot.  
Organic vegetables Tuscany from €5,00 €7,00
Bio Toscanello Bean, 350gR is an ancient variety of Tuscan beans. Excellent boiled and seasoned EVO organic oil, ideal for soups, past and soups with a very strong flavor. Zolfino bean, 350 gr Ancient Tuscan variety. It does not have the peel but holds the cooking well, with an intense flavor Black chickpea 500gr Ancient US variety for popular tradition from pregnant and puerperium women for high iron content. Florentine bio chickpea, 500gr It is an ancient variety of Tuscan chickpea. Suitable as a side dish but also for past and soups for its thin peel. 24 mottled puy organiclets, 500gr They have a slightly thin coating and a little fluffy heart and stand out from the other varieties due to the presence of a blue pigment that gives it the typical color. Black lentils bio, 500g They are small caliber, with a thin peel and a more intense flavor than green lentils. If you cook with fish broth, you can serve them inviting your guests to recognize what your vegetable caviar is made! Lentil bio, 350gr Trils of green lentils 50%, red 30% and classic 20% for a king soup. Ceci Maremma Bio, 350gr Lentils of Sorano Bio, 350gr Lentils Podere Pereto, 500g    
Bio Toscani soups and risottos from €4,00
Each soup has a unique flavor that will remember the flavors of the past Here are the bio soups, 350g can be cooked without soaking with vegetable broth. Millet and lentils, cereal soup (semi-integrated rice, spelled and mile), spelled soup and beans, barley soup and peas, lost soup (spelled, mile, peas), legume soup (cicercie, fapkin and lentils), spelled soup (spelled and lentils), oat soup (oats and barley), barley soup (barley, lentils, mile and peas), barley soup and scaffolds. Bio death, spelled and barley base soups, 200gr, can be cooked without soaking with vegetable broth. To the black cabbage (with garlic), to the pumpkin (with onion), to porcini mushrooms (with onion). Bio borzotto, Barley base soups, 200GR, can be cooked without soaking with vegetable broth.Leek orzotto (with parsley), radicchio orzotto (with onion) Bio rice, ready risottos To be cooked without soaking with vegetable broth. Carnaroli Rice with Bio Spirulina di Sant'Egle (300gr), Carnaroli Rice with Bio Saffron of Sant'Egle (300gr), semi-integrated rice with lentils (350g), half-length red rice with barley (350g)  
Bronze drawn bio pasta from €4,50
Senator durum wheat paste organic hats in varieties penne, spaghetti, noodles, linguine and fusilli, 500g Bio monococcan spelled pasta (Triticum Monoccum with little gluten) in the variety of concigrant, 500g Full pasta of spelled bio (Triticum Dicoccum with little gluten) in the variety of Fusilli and Linquine, 500g All pastes are bronze drawn, dried at low temperature and keep cooking remaining al dente.
Tomato BIO Toscano €4,50
From tomatoes filled to the maximum of their maturation here are products that know about summer tomato, just caught. Each pack is enough to make the sauce for the pasta of 6/8 people. The Past BIO, 690 gr : tomato juice, basil and sea salt. Fresh tomato pulp BIO, 690 : gr juice and tomato polyp, basil and sea salt Pelted tomato BIO, 550 gr : whole peeled tomatoes, tomato juice
Zolfini and bono oil! €23,00 €25,00
Good beans with good oil and lunch is made. Tasty, healthy and you can take it to work or on vacation. In this kit we recommend the best bean that exists on the earth, the sulfino. Leave it 12 hours in the water and then cook it in water with vegetable nut and salt. Let him cool in his water, drain and add a thread of Oil of Sant'Egle. Taste and discover a new world of antique excelsa flavors. 500g of zolfini beans + 250 ml of voiceless oil of Sant'Egle made with hand-picked olives and cold fry within 4 hours of harvest.
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