Organic hypericum oil, cosmetic
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New Production 2021 Cosmetic, for cutaneous use. Also called St. John's Oil. Its flowers are harvested, as tradition dictates, at the moment of its maximum balsamic quality, on June 24th and placed in organic extra virgin olive oil for 40 days in the sun. The active ingredient of St. John's Wort is released into the oil and is colored red. Called the MIRACULOUS oil , it was used during the Crusades by doctors to treat stab wounds. St. John's wort oil contains flavonoids, tannins and phloroglucinols (hyperforin) and these are the properties: healing skin regenerating soothing emollients antioxidants wrinkle antiseptics purifying astringents antimicrobial anti-inflammatory analgesics wounds sunburn burns bedsores rash skin inflammations psoriasis skin spots scars stretch marks couperose hemorrhoids diaper rash insect bites rheumatism muscle and joint pain CONTRAINDICATIONS: For external use, St. John's wort oil has no particular contraindications, except for a possible hypersensitivity to the active ingredients, first of all hypericin. The only recommendation concerns the prohibition of exposure to sunlight or artificial sources of ultraviolet radiation immediately after using St. John's wort oil. In fact, this product is highly photosensitizing, that is, it tends to amplify the effects of the sun's rays on the skin, especially in the case of people with fair complexions or freckles. Unlike ingested hypericum flower, it does not conflict with hormonal treatments. Sources: Natural Cures GreenMe Sold in dark packaging to preserve the active ingredient which would be damaged in contact with light. 20ml in dark glass 500 ml in food tin of black extra virgin olive oil Watch the video on how to make an oil liqueur
Stevia RebA, without licorice flavor and with ZERO sugars
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Stevia has zero calories, does not stick to the teeth and can also be eaten by diabetics. It is a natural sweetener used against diabetes by the indigenous peoples of South America for several millennia. Here the sources. The dehydrated leaves have a sweetening power up to 350 times compared to common sugar. In essence, 1 g of stevia is equivalent to 350 g of white sugar. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN STEVIA REBAUDIOSIDE A AND STEVIOSIDE Stevioside and Rebaudioside are the sweet components of Stevia. If the plant is refined, a white powder or a clear liquid is obtained. Stevioside is the first extraction and has a maximum purity of 90° with an aftertaste of licorice . Its sweetening power is 180 times that of sugar, i.e. 1 g of Stevioside is equivalent to 180 g of white sugar. A second extraction from stevioside allows to obtain and isolate Stevia Rebaudioside A, also known as Rebaudiana. Rebaudiana A is 97% pure, it has no licorice aftertaste and its sweetening power is 350 times that of sugar, i.e. 1 g of Rebaudioside is equivalent to 350 g of white sugar. In addition to fruit compotes with Stevia, we also sell pure powdered stevia (for jams, desserts to be replaced wherever sugar is used) and liquid stevia with dispenser for hot drinks. 3 drops are equivalent to 1 teaspoon of sugar the 50 ml package is equivalent to 1750 g of sugar the 100 ml package is equivalent to 3.5 kg of sugar the pack of 5 bottles of 100ml for a total of 500ml is equivalent to 17.5kg of sugar Liquid stevia is composed of water, RebA stevia and 3 natural preservatives accepted in organic farming that prevent the formation of lumps or malic acid (naturally produced by apples), sorbic acid (naturally produced by Sorbus aucuparia and other Rosaceae Taken from ) and vegetable glycerin. Here you will find our site dedicated to Stevia RebA with many of our recipes If Stevia is your thing, check out the videos we made below
Relaxation in cps
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Hypericum helps to relax the mind and body. Pack of 60 capsules Listen to Erika's video and read all its properties and contraindications here!
Italian Tuscan organic saffron pistils
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The organic saffron of the Sant'Egle Organic Farmhouse was classified First according to the ISO 3632-1-2011 standard. In addition to being good, they help keep cholesterol down. Packs of 0.3 g - 0.5 g - 1 g - 5 g - 15 g - 12x 0.3 g Do you want to see Erika's videos and know everything about saffron? Follow this link
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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Our small production of organic extra virgin olive oil is produced following the synergistic organic method. Sant'Egle is located at 530 meters above sea level and for this reason the olive trees are not targeted by the famous fly which forces many farmers to use harmful products to kill it. The harvest is done entirely by hand, without the use of shakers or mechanical means. The Sovana oil mill, certified organic, squeezes our olives using the cold method. This year, poor in spontaneous rains and very hot, has given life to an oil with a less herbaceous and spicy taste. It is fluid, clear and with a delicate flavour. Limited quantity, given by a less rich collection. Nature is like this, sometimes generous, sometimes less. This is why it should be appreciated and respected. Packaged in cans of mixed colors (black, green and silver)
Organic hypericum flowers
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The Hypericum flower used in herbal tea helps to relax. Pack of 20 g, 12 x 20 g and 500 g. Listen to Erika's video and read all its properties and contraindications here!
Organic fruit compote, with no added sugar
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New 2021 100% fruit compotes, with no added sugar. Only organic fruit, picked at the right moment of ripeness where the sun has made it rich in natural fruit sugars. Healthy compotes, good as nature intended. Flavors: peach, apricot, cherry and strawberry Weight: 330 g Composition: 80% organic fruit + 20% organic grape juice
100% natural and breathable candle
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Handmade by Cereria Terenzi, this candle is made with natural products, without perfume and with cotton wicks. Does not contain any synthetic products. The only candles in Italy guaranteed breathable and therefore non-toxic. The duration is 40 hours. It is recommended to turn it off every 4 hours for better use. Height 20cm
Organic Laurel Hydrolat, 100 ml
Steam distillation is a technique that allows essential oils to be extracted from the tissue of the plant, by means of their transport by water vapour. At the end of this process two important products are always obtained: essential oil and aromatic water or hydrosol. The hydrolate can be applied to the skin after a shower or diluted in water to clean and perfume floors. Read the properties Laurel is stimulating, if inhaled it gently activates energy, strengthens the ability to concentrate and memory; develop creativity; soothes fears and exam anxiety. When you lack self-confidence, you are afraid of public speaking, fear of not being up to or of failing to achieve your goals: it promotes psychic awareness and intuition, "making the impossible possible". Useful in case of exhaustion, tiredness and stress. Rebalancing of the skin, it restores the sebaceous balance in dermatitis which are often the cause of acne and inflammation. It is an effective remedy to strengthen hair and prevent hair loss. If rubbed regularly and consistently on the scalp, it stimulates microcirculation, promoting oxygenation and nourishment of the tissues, counteracting alopecia. Digestive, 2 drops of laurel essential oil in a teaspoon of honey taken after meals helps digestion and soothes stomach pains. If diluted in vegetable oil and massaged on the stomach, it has a relaxing effect on the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal system. Useful in the presence of spasms, irritable bowel and to eliminate gases that cause meteorism and flatulence. The natural antidepressant, source Green Me 100ml bottle with spray. Produced by Agr.Bio Aia del Tufo for Sant'Egle organic farm Watch the videos on how to obtain a hydrolate and an essential oil
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